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Testimonials - From the people who use our service:

'The staff listen to what I have to say’.
‘I feel I am treated well and have privacy and am respected by the staff’.
From the family and representatives:
‘The staff are absolutely brilliant’, ‘they always listen to me, I’m really quite impressed with the service they are providing’.
‘They are very caring and really good at what they do’.
‘The staff have worked really hard in a short space of time to get to know my relative and to encourage them to become motivated to do things with their day’, ‘ its great they are joining in activities again, they are accessing professional support - staff communicate with me to keep me informed about what is happening’.
‘I am delighted with the support given and the way they care for our daughter. The staff are really good, I don’t think you could get better anywhere’.
'The care is wonderful, we’re really pleased and more importantly, we know our relative is’.

Comments from a member of staff

'I find them a good company to work for, we are always made aware of any changes, I think communication is good’.
‘We are constantly trying to get the best for individuals, we know their families well and they are important in the care as well’.

User of the Care Management System from QCS